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Credit Card Statements

Thank you for such a wonderful website. My husband and I filed a joint bankruptcy in 2007 and received an automatic discharge November, 2007. Your website was very helpful in answering so many questions we had before and during bankruptcy. My question is now, after a year of being discharged, can I destroy credit card statements. I`m a bit of a pack-rat and have saved the statements since we received the cards years ago. I would really like them gone as they remind me of the past. Thanks.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Credit Card Statements”

A licensed trustee said...

You should keep copies of your bankrupty documents (Statement of Affairs, Certificate of Discharge, and the Final Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for ever) – any other documents related to your pre-bankruptcy debts probably don’t matter anymore. (Sorry, but we cant’ tell you it’s ok to destroy them – it might makes us liable if for some reason you need them).