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almost Discharged

im almost discharged and i would like to say your site has been very helpful in my process and i would like to say if you are honestly in trouble it is nice to see atleast you guys make us feel like we are not bad people , even though we wnet bankrupt.. I have learned lots not to over spend live with out credit .. buy with in your means and that was a lesson i wish i learned earilier oh well at least i learnt it LOL.. thanks for your website and your kind words . My trustee also maybe feel comfortable even though this was a very hard step in life to take . but now i only have 2 months left and no more payments to the trustee now its time to get everything bsck to normall thanks again

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “almost Discharged”

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A licensed trustee said...

Good for you – good luck in the future.