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Declaring bancrupcy and leaving Canada

If I declare bankruptcy and quit my current job (low paid) in order to move to UK to look for a better job ( I have a UK work authorization), am I allowed to do it after declaring bankruptcy? I live in Montreal and i dont speak French so my job prospects here are very limited. Naturally I would stay in touch with appriopriate authorities and notify everyone I have to about the change of my address

Posted from: Quebec

One Response to “Declaring bancrupcy and leaving Canada”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

There is nothing that would legally prevent you from filing a bankruptcy and then relocating outside of Canada. The only difficulty that may arise would be logistical (i.e. attendance of counselling sessions, creditor meetings or other things of this sort). However, as long as you discuss this with your trustee in advanced and keep in touch it definately can be done.