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Credit Report Entries

Good Day

I went bankrupt in BC and will have been discharged 7 years this Oct 08. There are two entries on my credit report that bother me. Both have been included in my bankruptcy.

The first creditor reported 29 Jan 08. Comments are: Bad Dept Write Off. R7 under consolidation order.

The second creditor reported 26 Feb 08. Comments are: Bad Dept Write Off. Also says R9 Revolving Bad Dept. R9 placed for collection.

Also, these two creditors still have the past due amount listed.

Why would they still be reporting after my discharge. The entry `placed for collection` has me concerned. I am not sure what to do in this case and am seeking your advise.

Thank you.

One Response to “Credit Report Entries”

A licensed trustee said...

Sorry, but you’ll need to contact the credit bureaus directly to correct these problems.

The credit bureaus report whatever their members tell them too – in your case, for whatever reason, your creditors have re-reported your debts and there’s no simple way to have them removed.