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re-activated student loan

i went bankrupt in 05-1994, was discharged from that bankruptcy 02-1995. Included in my bankruptcy was a BNS student loan. i assumed that it was discharge, as my trustee had indicated, in 2005 when i started getting phone calls about this loan. i have not attended any courses since 1996 (was my completion date).
my Question is, how do i get this re-activated loan off of my Credit File?

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A licensed trustee said...

You’re not goign to like this, but you need to avail yourself of the dispute resolution process for the credit reporting agency in order to have this removed.

Your other option is to hire a lawyer and contact BNS directly with a demand to correct the problem – since there is a cost associated with this, I tell people to try the dispute process first.

What has likely happened is that you old dead loan was left on a list of accounts that has been subsequently sold to a collector – your loan is likely off BNSes books, but has been re-activated by the collector as a means of pressuring you into offering them some sort of repayment. It may not be legal, but lots of people just offer to send them a cheque instead of fighting to have it corrected…