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my wife and i were discharged in july 2007.our trustee has told us that we cannot efile our tax returns this year and next year,and that our refunds if any will be sent to his office,does he have a legal right to these funds? our pre and post returns have allready been done.he has told us that his office will mail us our refunds but it could take a while.we were not informed of this untill last week after we already went to get our taxes done.are we being mislead?he has told us that this is the way (cra) requires it to be done.

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

First, CRA is exceptionally slow at updating their records so this is why the refunds will likely be sent directly to the trustee’s office.

Second, it depends on how the documents were laid out but typically only the refunds for the year of bankruptcy (or any year prior to that time) will go to the trustee. In normal circumstances any refunds after the year of bankruptcy will go back to you.

In terms of efiling, this relates to how slow CRA is to update their records, and the trustee is right efiling will not be available to you yet.