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Supplementary Card

I used to have a supplementary card that my father gave me a few years ago. Last year, i got a credit card of my own. The credit card company changed my fathers credit card and with that my supplementary card became disabled. I never got/asked for a new one because i had one of my own

In the past, i used the supplementary card if needed. I always used to pay back whatever i used. My question is as follows:

1- My dad is in finanacial trouble and is ocnsidering filing for bankruptcy. If he does so, can the lenders come after me?

2- Ever since my father got into financial difficulty, i supported him a lot by helping him pay many of his debts. I paid the credit card i used (paid more than i used), and made payments for other cards he had as well. Can the credt card company still come after me, even though i paid way more then i used?

Please advice as i am very worried.

One Response to “Supplementary Card”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

If you are listed as a supplementary card holder, not a joint borrower, and have paid for any purchases you have made on the accout, then you don’t have any reason to worry.

The debt is your fathers and the creditors will have no recourse against you.