A bit worrisome

It is a bit disturbing, that I have read at least 4 different entries of discharged bankrupts that have banks/lawyers calling, harrasing claiming fraud and demanding payment. How commonplace is this situation? It really worries me that the nightmare may continue. In your experience are these just sporadic reports or part of a system of creditors to try to get their money back any which way they legally can?

One Response to “A bit worrisome”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

If you haven’t done anything questionable than you don’t have to worry. The vast majority of people we see don’t have any problems, and those who do typically made a conscious decision to do things that most of us would not.

In practice you will find that it is very rare that a creditor will assert that fraudulent behavior has occurred, and realistically they have to do more than raise the presumption of fraud, they have to have it proven in court. As a result rarely does this ever become an issue.