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Student Loan-Credit Bureau

I received an automatic discharge in January. I immediately contacted Royal Bank and made arrangements to begin paying my student loan again. I am now paying more per month that I was required to pre-bankruptcy and have paid on time each month.

I notice that the bank is reporting each month that I am over 120 days behind on payments. Is this correct. I know I missed 9 months of payments, but now, even thought I am paying as we agreed they are doing further damage to my credit each month.

I do see their point, but I would like some recognition that I learned something throughout the bankruptcy process and I am working to improve my credit score, not watch it go down a little bit each month.

One Response to “Student Loan-Credit Bureau”

A licensed trustee said...

Unfortunately, this is a conversation you need to have with the bank and/or the credit bureau. The credit bureau will tell you they are simp0ly reporting what the bank has told them to report so if you want to sort this out you’ll need to find someone at the bank to address the issue.

Sorry, but you should be prepared for a high level of frustration as you work your way through this.