Income tax Refund on “post” Return

my trustee completed a pre and post bankruptcy return in the year I filed for bankruptcy. I would have received a refund for the year had it not been for the bankruptcy. However, the post return shows a refund as well. Should the post return refund come to me because it is my understanding that if I owed money on the post return I would have to pay it because it was after the date of bankruptcy.

One Response to “Income tax Refund on “post” Return”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

Typically what happens with post bankruptcy returns is they are assigned over to the trustee to create a general benefit to creditors (i.e. it is lost if you file for bankrutpcy).

However you are also correct that if you owed the money on the post it is a debt you would be responsible for as it occured after the date of bankruptcy.