Trustee as an authorized representative

We claimed bankruptcy in Aug/06 and was discharged in May/07 after 9 months, meeting all of the required obligations with to our creditors and trustee. We did sign a consent form to have the trustee prepare and keep 2006 tax refund (pre and post bankruptcy). Am I correct in thinking that we are entitled to our(2007) tax refunds? Also I noticed on my account at CRA that the trustee is an authorized representative until Aug/2009. We were not aware of this. We thought we had authorized them to represent us in the 2006 bankruptcy year only(as was requested requested). We feel we were misled as we were not informed we were consenting to any future tax years years .Is that legal? Can we rescind the “authorized representative” with CRA since we now have an absolute discharge? If so, How do we go about doing that?

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

The authorized representative form is simply used for exchange of information with CRA. In normal circumstances the trustee is only entitled to tax monies from the year of bankrupty and you should have no need to be concerned.