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Marianne Dawson
Marianne D.
Very informative...easy to follow site
Michelle Norry
Michelle N.
I haven't received a call yet as it is the weekend. I hope to hear back soon. I just wanted to mention that there should be a comments box on the form to further discuss the problem. I'll update the rating once I speak to someone. Update: I received a call back the same day and was given great advice. Thank you!
Ayesha Mor
Ayesha M.
Yes helpfull
Armir Nurja
Armir N.
very helpful on bad days its a great site
Alix Callaghan
Alix C.
very easy to use.
austin caza
austin C.
Helpful website hope for call
James Hebert
James H.
very helpful site
Jessie Hartman
Jessie H.
Very informative site. I found all the information I needed.
Mike C
Mike C
I used your site to figure out how to talk to a trustee because its really confusing. It turned out that a consumer proposal was available for me to use. I wanted to thank you for providing this information. Without it I wouldnt have made the call. Thank you
Niall Flynn
Niall F.
Great site, really easy to use, found a trustee local to me.
Anita Austin
Anita A.
This is a GREAT of the most informative sites I’ve seen. Thank you very much!!!