How does applying to rent an apartment affect me after discharge?

I was discharged last April and I plan to rent an apartment in May 2007. I don’t want to have a co-signer and I have been taking steps to repair my history: fixed inaccurate credit reports with all three credit bureau’s, I have an RRSP, and I have two secure credit cards.

Are there any restrictions? I am steadily employed.

I’m in the province of Ontario and this is my first time declaring bankruptcy.

One Response to “How does applying to rent an apartment affect me after discharge?”

A licensed trustee said...

It is literally up to each individual landlord to decide whether or not they are willing to rent you an apartment. That being said, I am not aware of anyone having problems after they have been discharged.

Think about it this way – you no longer have all the debts that you used to have so now you are better able to pay the rent. If a potential landlord looks at your credit report and asks about the bankruptcy, that’s what I would say to them.

Good luck – it sounds like you’re on the right track.