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Are you one of the thousands of Canadians dealing with an overwhelming amount of debt? If so, it’s important that you are aware of the support systems in place that can help you eliminate your debt and your financial stresses.

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The MNP Limited professionals can help you in numerous areas, such as bankruptcy, debt consolidation, informal debt settlements, and in filing a consumer proposal. In addition they are able to provide sincere and determined service to those individuals struggling with financial difficulties. They will discuss your situation with you to achieve the best solution to your situation.

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Meet Our Stratford Licensed Insolvency Trustee & Estate Manager

Licensed Insolvency Trustee Wesley Cowan
Wesley Cowan, Licensed Insolvency Trustee
Cambridge Bankruptcy Estate Manager
Dawn Eaton, Estate Manager

At Bankruptcy Canada, we pride ourselves on helping Canadians achieve living a debt free life by partnering with industry professionals such as those at MNP Limited. MNP Limited is equipped with teams of highly regarded Licensed Insolvency Trustees that assist people like you who are facing debt and other financial challenges.

All of the Licensed Insolvency Trustees Stratford at MNP Limited are hardworking, reliable, and will help you to find the best resolution for your financial troubles. They recognize the hardship that financial troubles bring, thus providing personalized and dependable service.

If you’re residing in the Stratford area and are looking for support in navigating your financial situation, we have partnered with the MNP Limited at the Stratford location. At this location Wesley Cowan and Dawn Eaton are available to meet with you to confidentially discuss your unique situation and get you on your way to achieving a debt free life.

With over 50 years experience, the MNP Limited team has been successfully helping those faced with overwhelming debt find the best solutions and providing the best service possible for decades.

If you are looking for support to help you overcome your financial situation and make sense of your debt in a no-pressure and confidential way, contact our partners at the MNP Limited Stratford location today.

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