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Capital One CREDIT card…

Once I have been discharged from bankruptcy, I would like to rebuild my credit. I heard that there is such a thing as a secured credit card (Capital One) has something like that.

My problem is that I had a Capital One credit card before I filed for bankruptcy and the balance was written off when I eventually filed for bankruptcy.

What`s the likelyhood that Capital One will issue me a secured credit card ?
Is there somewhere else that I can apply for a secured credit card in case Capital One will not give me one ?


One Response to “Capital One CREDIT card…”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

I can’t tell you if Capital One would be interested in lending in this situation or not. However, keep in mind that with a secured credit card there is no risk to the lending institution so it may not hurt to to try.

In terms of others issuers you can try any one of the following: Home Trust, People’s Trust or Van City Credit Union. Apparantely all three of these offer a secured credit card.