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Consumer proposal

Can we put extra money every month in a proposal so we can be discharged faster? how is it done? can we pay the trustee online the for example?

Posted from: Ontario

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A licensed trustee said...

Yes you can – the terms of a proposal represent your minimum commitment every month. Aso how those payments are made, I am not aware of any trustees that accept payments on-line. The reason is simple, your money is deposited into a trust account and access to trust accoutns are heavily restricted. That being said, many trustees, like us, use pre-authorized payments. If you want to make an extra payment you may e-mail or call our office and ask the staff to take an extra payment whenever you like.

Payment terms should be discussed with your trustee BEFORE you file.

FYI: more than 75% of all of the people that file consumer proposals with our firm pay them off early – usually a full year before they are due.