Seeing a Trustee Should Be Easy, and It Is

We know that it’s not easy to make the decision to see a Trustee – but we’ve also heard from many customers who wish they had made an appointment sooner.

Advantages to Seeing a Trustee

Once you book your initial, free appointment with a Trustee, you can look forward to the following:

Solid Information at No Risk and No Cost
Have you been scanning the internet for answers? It’s a lot of information to take in – and on some websites, it may even be inaccurate.

At your free first appointment with a Trustee:

  • you’ll get only the facts,
  • it’s risk-free – you won’t be pressured to choose an option,
  • you are not obliged to return, and
  • it’s provided to you at no cost.

What you tell the Trustee is confidential – trustees don’t share your information with anyone.

An Explanation of Your Options – They May Include Alternatives to Bankruptcy
The Trustee will go over the numbers you bring to your first appointment (estimates are fine) and advise on options for going forward. Although Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal work well for many people, you may discover that there are other options in your case – for instance, accessing equity in your home, debt consolidation loans, and others. The Trustee can provide accurate, unbiased information – and will be glad to help.

Perspective and Peace of Mind
Lastly, you will leave the Trustee’s office with a lightened emotional load. You will have learned:

  • how common your situation is,
  • how it’s not necessary to feel guilty or embarrassed, and
  • how you can improve your finances going forward.

Free Consultation

We’ve heard so many of the Trustees’ clients say, “I wish I’d come in sooner.” The free, confidential, no-charge and no-obligation consultation with a Licensed Trustee is the next step to taking back control of your finances.

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Reasons why People might Hesitate to Make an Appointment with a Trustee

On the flip side, here are the most common reasons we’ve heard that consumers hesitate to make their first appointment:

Trustees understand. The decision to see a Trustee goes hand-in-hand with realizing you need some assistance to fix what’s gone wrong – and that can be frightening.

The good news is that you’ll feel much better as soon as you share your concerns with someone who can help. A key point: the Trustee will not pressure you to take any particular course of action (or “force you into Bankruptcy”). You are in the driver’s seat. You can choose from the options offered – or walk away.

Not Sure if This is the Right Route
That’s a given … but at your free first appointment, you’ll find out what solutions are available to you. At that point, you will be armed with information. Information is empowering.

Uncertain if a Trustee is the Right Person to See
A Licensed Insolvency Trustee is a professional specially trained in matters of insolvency, and licensed by the federal government. Here is why a Trustee is the person to see, for help:

  • He or she will understand your situation and can tell you about your options.
  • Only a Trustee can help you file a Consumer Proposal or a Bankruptcy, if necessary.
  • And – the Trustee will not be shocked by your story! He or she knows that there are many reasons for insolvency, and that the vast majority of debtors are honest and are trying their best.

Guilty Feelings
Things have not turned out as you planned. You feel you have not met your obligations. But to put things in perspective, over a million Canadian consumers in the past decade have filed for either Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal. It has happened to many people you deal with every day! Also, know that credit companies and banks are fully aware that a predicted percentage of their customers will not be able to pay as originally agreed. It’s nothing to feel guilty about if you tried your best.

The Decision to Contact a Trustee

A Trustee can help. That’s what their job is, to help people with debt problems. And there is no risk in seeing one. With their help you can take back control of your financial life and live debt-free again.

We have trustees in cities ranging from Ottawa, to Toronto and more. Get your questions answered with a free consultation.

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