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You might be surprised at how many Canadians have encountered insolvency issues. There is no need to be embarrassed – come in and talk with our professionals today and you’ll sleep better, starting tonight!

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If you’ve been dealing with difficult financial issues, it may have been a while since you’ve truly felt at ease. Our professional staff in Vaughan understand how much stress you’ve been under – and it is our pleasure to create a comfortable atmosphere where you can discuss your situation and learn about your options. Our clients have told us how much they appreciate our approach – and that makes us smile!

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Been a while since you smiled? Make an appointment at your convenience, and let us help you chart the road ahead. It is our pleasure to help you – and to see you smile again.

Our Insolvency Team works in both Vaughan and North York offices. We are pleased to assist in resolving both personal and corporate insolvency. We have the experience to help you understand both the origins and the solutions to your financial difficulties.

When you meet with us you will find a welcoming and understanding atmosphere that will put you at ease as you describe your situation. We consider it our privilege to help you on your road to a better financial future. Make a free first appointment to see us – it’s the first step to a less stressful tomorrow.