Bankruptcy Markham, Ontario

Are you struggling with a financial issue that is leading you to contemplate filing for bankruptcy and another debt relief alternative? If so, the Bankruptcy Canada and our Licensed Insolvency Trustee partners at MNP Limited Markham are here to help.

Meet Our Markham Licensed Insolvency Trustee Office Team

Rob Shier, Markham, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Rob Shier, CA, Trustee

Mable Pang, Markham, Estate Manager

Mable Pang, Estate Manager

Sara Murray, Markham, Estate Manager

Sara Murray, Estate Manager

Susan Lukacsy, Markham, Estate Manager

Susan Lukacsy,
Estate Manager

As the industry’s leading bankruptcy support provider, it is our mission to provide Canadians faced with debt the guidance, support, and strategies needed to achieve a debt free life. In order to do this, we have partnered with the industry’s leading professionals countrywide such as those at the MNP Limited Markham location.

Our partners in Markham can provide you with life-changing solutions to your financial challenges.

In Markham, either MNP Limited Licensed Insolvency Trustee partner Rob Shier, or Estate Manager Mable Pang, Sara Murray or Susan Lukacsy, can help you achieve the best results for your situation by taking into consideration particular aspects unique to your case and working with them to achieve the best outcome.

By working with you collaboratively, our Bankruptcy Markham Trustee partners can bring you the desired outcomes quickly and effectively. In addition they will offer you various solutions and guiding you through the necessary processes.

The MNP Limited Markham professionals are reliable, efficient, and provide support and understanding. They recognize that financial challenges can be difficult and confusing and want to help.

If you’re in the Markham area and are in any of the following situations – it’s time to give the MNP Limited professionals a call:

1. Spending more than you earn?
2. Facing legal action, such as garnishment?
3. Using credit cards for necessities?
4. At risk of losing credit card privileges?
5. Receiving harassing collection letters or phone calls?
6. Stressed out due to financial problems?

The first step is to book your initial consultation. During this free, confidential, and no-pressure meeting, you will meet with the MNP Limited professionals and start developing your debt relief strategy.

What are you waiting for? Call today to get on your way to living a debt free life!

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