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Consumer Proposals & Bankruptcy Halton Hills

The taboo around filing for bankruptcy has been lifting over the years as it becomes a more and more common means of alleviating financial hardship in your life. 

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees help file and complete debt relief services such as consumer proposals, bankruptcy, credit counselling, and debt consolidation in the Halton Hills area that includes:

Crewsons Corner

Glen Williams
Henderson’s Corners

Scotch Block
Silver Creek
Terra Cotta

This team of seasoned professionals can also act as Consumer Proposal Administrators and Bankruptcy Trustees for areas outside of Halton Hills such as Milton, Brampton, Mississauga, Guelph, Caledon

Declaring Bankruptcy With A Licensed Insolvency Trustee In Halton Hills, Ontario

Choosing to file for bankruptcy in Halton Hills can seem like the obvious solution if you’re finding yourself consistently spending more than the amount of income being brought in. In some cases this is correct, but there are many other options available to set up amicable relationships with your creditors.

Our top priority is to get you the proper Trustee in Halton Hills that will dive into the details of your financial situation to give you tailored advice and a plan of approach. This tactic is to offer you the maximum amount of flexibility and freedom when it comes to settling your debts. By working directly with creditors, we’ve gathered valuable insights into what is and isn’t acceptable in most situations.

Filing A Consumer Proposal In Halton Hills, Ontario

The legal process of filing a consumer proposal is handled by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee from our team of subject matter experts. These meetings and proposal drafting sessions can be done completely online or over the phone to accommodate those impacted by the pandemic. Once able, you’ll find our location in Halton Hills to be an environment of teamwork to offer protection to each of our clients.

Being locals of the Halton Hills area for many years, we understand the need for confidential assistance with such a private matter. Our consultations are pressure free, meaning we are here to help you better understand your options and current situation with no obligation to file a proposal. We want to make sure you don’t find yourself in an agreement you aren’t able to fulfill, causing more stress and hardship on yourself.

There are many debt consolidation options aside from standard bankruptcy, often allowing for one single payment to cover all debt accounts. This simplified payment plan makes budgeting that much easier to start you off on the right foot of taking back control of your finances.

If you’re in Ontario and attempting to get out from under multiple debts, it may be time to start pursuing bankruptcy or a customized consumer proposal that works on your terms. A mountain of debt won’t simply disappear overnight, but will over time working stone by stone. Schedule an online, over the phone or safe in-person consultation with us today to start working towards financial independence. You deserve to enjoy the money you make and we are here to make that a reality.