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Aga Khan Museum

Among the most beautiful museums in all of North America, you will be awe-struck by what this small yet exquisite museum has to offer. The Aga Khan Museum was designed by Fumihiko Maki and opened its doors wide for visitors on September 9th 2014 – it is now home to not only Islamic art but also architecture fans.

The Aga Khan Museum, situated at 77 Wynford Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1K1, Canada, is a museum of art and science, named after the spiritual leader who funded this project with his mission to share the artistic and scientific contributions from global Muslim communities.

The Aga Khan Museum is an institution that has been welcoming visitors from all over the world for years. The museum’s permanent collection contains 1,000 pieces of artwork, but it also features rotating exhibitions and special events in order to keep its exhibits topical with current trends – one recent example being an exhibit addressing female citizens’ roles within Saudi Arabia (featuring art created by women who had their travel documents displayed). Another installation inspired solely based on destruction at University College Baghdad library where books donated were later put into use again as replacements once the renovation was done on this historic site.

The Aga Khan Museum is a beautifully designed museum with extensive Islamic culture, art and architecture in its collection. The whole complex has an environment that Will make you feel calm from the moment you enter.

Touring the Aga Khan Museum is like exploring a personal collection. The interior galleries are clean and modern so as not to compete with this vast trove. Aga Khan Museum is a place that has more than 1,000 pieces of artwork spanning ten centuries and an area from China to the Iberian Peninsula. Its clean presentation makes it easy for visitors so as not to compete with their permanent collection.

There are many things to see at The Aga Khan Museum that will surprise you. For one, the collection is unique and has some amazing artifacts from around Africa – but what may shock visitors even more than its breadth of ancient art pieces or gorgeous building designs would be how much locals love this museum. There’s a good chance your tour group might include children who’ve come along with their teachers on educational field trips.

This unique museum is wheelchair accessible, and wheelchairs are as well available for use on a first-come basis. It has extensive interior space (which clocks in at close to 108 thousand square feet), making it easy to navigate with ease even if you’re carrying heavy objects such as bags or boxes.

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