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What I Keep or Lose in Bankruptcy in Canada

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Hi My husband is thinking of filing for bankruptcy, as we have gotten into trouble with credit cards. We currently have 2 vehicles. A mini van, which I use and a car my husband uses for work. The car is paid for and we are still paying for the mini-van, payments are up to date. […]

my question is can my friend purchase a cheaper car after she declares bankruptcy after giving up the financed one or she wont be able to until say the 9 months are over.thanks Posted from: Ontario

I am in a 21-month bankruptcy due to excess income. I filed in July of last year. My trustee filed my post-bankruptcy return. Today, I received a an income tax refund cheque from CRA. Do I have to turn the entirety of it over to my trustee, or do I get to keep it, just […]

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