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What I Keep or Lose in Bankruptcy in Canada

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After being laid off from an auto assembly job, I transferred pension moneys from the company`s plan to a locked in money market fund at an insurance company. I was told that the money was locked until I turned 55 or under a hardship claim I could take out a portion of this pension money. […]

While I am undischarged, if my spouse passes away is the life insurance, to which I am sole beneficiary, subject to dispursement by the trustee? Posted from: Ontario

i do NOT want to keep my home. It IS the problem of my debt. how do i include my home (it has no equity) into my bankruptcy. Or how do i get out of my morgage??? Posted from: British Columbia

What happens to a house and contents when I file for bankruptcy and the house is in my wife`s name. Are my childrens possessions (ages 20 and21 and living at home or in university) taken? What about my wife`s dishes, paintings or jewellery? Posted from: Nova Scotia

my husband is receiving a small inheritance by way of mineral rights If he declares bankruptcy how long can this money be taken from him. Currently it is a very small amount shared equally with his sister via the will. Are the creditors made aware of the sources of income of the bankrupt? Posted from: […]

i currently lease a vehicle and it doesn`t run out till march, 2011. if i claim bankruptcy, will i be able to keep the vehicle as i claim? thank you. Posted from: Saskatchewan

I have about $2000 worth of firearms I use for hunting. Would I be able to keep them.? Posted from: Ontario

Hello, I`m 70 and I just lost my job. I was living paychq to paychq and I`m 40K in debt. I want to claim bankruptcy. I owned a 2005 Dodge Caravan with 200,000 km and 2 accidents (fixed) damage to front and side (claims made). I want to find another job, but I will need […]

My mother recently passed away. If I receive an inheritence just prior to going into bankruptcy will I lose this? Posted from: British Columbia

Thank you for your comment. We have a lot of debt but regardless we need to either get out of lease now or later and purchase now or later. We would definitely need a cosigner and have one. We just don`t want this person in trouble. They know we have been paying for a vehicle […]

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