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What I Keep or Lose in Bankruptcy in Canada

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I have renegotiated my mortage at 95% to pay some debt ,as a result i have no equity left in my home,is it possible to keep my home if i declare bankruptcy. My mortgage payments are up to date, live in Ontario thanks

If I delacre bankrupcy will my paycheques be taken away from me too? Meaning iwll I jeapordize myself to loose ever ounce of income I have? Including emplyment insruance or maternity leave benefits I willbe receving this summer? When you declare bankrupcy in Ontario do you owe any money to anyone after the fact?

I have 2 computers in my home, both are under the allowed limit .. in fact one is from 2002 and only worth 200 dollars now and the other is from 2004 and only worth 300 or so now, i have been told where they are not essential i may end up loosing them … […]

Greetings… I am considering filing for bankrupcy if things in my life don`t change in the next 1-2 months. In the mean time, I was just curious to know the following : Will the funds in a RESP (for my daughter) be affected if I file for Personal Bankrupcy ? Thank-you very much

if i have a car loan of about 15000 and file bankruptcy can i still keep the car or because i owe so much it goes back to the lender,i pay about 328 a month

My sister-in-law will be declaring personal bankruptcy shortly. In 2000, two of her sisters had each given her $1,500 to invest on their behalf due to her investment knowledge at the time. My sister-in-law kept track of the various equities that she purchased and sold on their behalf. None of the shares are still being […]

Is there an act in BC where if a person is in bankrupty and they receive an asbestos settlement that it is exempt from bankruptcy I was on the internet a few months ago and believe I read that but I can not find it again

Other debt aside, I have a loan for my car which I need for work. I have under $5000 in equity and my payments are up to date so far. Will I lose my car? It does not matter to me if I lose this particular car, It`s just that I absolutely need a car […]

I`ve recently had to drop out of school due to debt and issues regarding finance… Those issues compounded themselves recently and I am now forced to consider bankruptcy. My question is will I get to keep my photographic equipment so that I may pursue a career in the future, or will those equipments be foreclosed […]

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