Trustee Talk #101 – Barton & Desmond Discussing Debt Issues Affecting Albertans

September 25th, 2015 by A Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Barton Goth is a contributor to Bankruptcy Canada

Barton & Desmond Discussing Debt & Bankruptcy Issues Affecting Albertans

Thank you for your time this afternoon gentleman, now let’s get started with the vital information. Your name, business name and your website address.

All right, my name is Barton Goth. The name of the firm is Goth and Company. We operate out of Edmonton. Our website address is that is all spelled out, small regional insolvency practice here in Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

And right next to me is Desmond, Desmond why don’t you introduce yourself.

Hi, Desmond West-Chow. All other information is the same as all Bart just said. I don’t think I have anything to add there. We are both licence trustees and actively involved in the market place.

How long have you been Bankruptcy Trustees?

Oh! that’s a tough question, I have been a bankruptcy trustee for about ten years and Desmond, he is relatively newly implemented. I have become a trustee just this year but I’ve been in the business everyday for four years and my father is trustee in bankruptcy, so I’ve been around it for a lot longer than that.

Yeah, we are both a little bit unique because we are both second generation trustees, so my father Jim Goth started Goth and Company back in 1993 and I’ve worked there for quite a number of years since we began, although I was quite young when we started, I was doing most of the reception work and so we are both quite familiar with what happens on a regular basis around this parts.

What Areas Do You Service?

Contact Licensed Insolvency Trustee in AlbertaTalk to me about the specific areas that you service, the general geographic area and any important cities that you work in as well. Well really we service all of Northern Alberta, some of the north, well all of the north west territories as well as some regions in the Saskatchewan. Important cities to us are obviously