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My name is Bruce Gandossi. I’m a chartered accountant and licensed trustee in bankruptcy with Sands & Associates in British Columbia. A few months ago I wrote an article asking the question: Will the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Impact Personal Bankruptcy Rates? Here’s what I said a few months before the Olympics about bankruptcy in Canada: […]

As we have discussed many time on the Bankruptcy Canada Trustee Talk blog, a consumer proposal is a great alternative to filing bankruptcy in Canada. The concept is simple: instead of going bankrupt, you offer to pay a portion of the amount owing to your creditors, and if they accept you avoid bankruptcy. But why […]

This is a website devoted to discussing all aspects of bankruptcy in Canada, but today we will discuss the opposite of bankruptcy. Today I present my Top Three Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy in Canada. Why would I, a bankruptcy trustee, want you to avoid bankruptcy? Because I strongly believe that bankruptcy should be a last […]

The world is made up of different kinds of people.  Some are always looking ahead and planning.  Others sort of “fly by the seat of their pants.” When it comes to financial planning, the “seat of the pants” method often produces disastrous results.  Yes, you might win the lottery, but in most cases not having […]

On June 12, 2009 the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup. What does that have to do with bankruptcy in Canada? The story begins in November, 1988 when the hockey team filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States, which is similar to what we call a proposal here in Canada. Their star […]

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