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On September 18, 2009 the government of Canada brought into force all of the remaining amendments to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act that were approved by Parliament back in 2005 and 2007.  At the time they were approved, the economy was booming and bankruptcy filings by individuals were stable.  One of the goals of the […]

Since the federal government announced back on August 19 that new bankruptcy rules in Canada would come into force on September 18, 2009, I have posted three articles describing the new bankruptcy rules in Canada. For an overview of the new rules, please see the following articles: New Bankruptcy Rules in Canada: The Good News […]

Why a House is NOT an investment

July 13th, 2009 by A Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Is owning a home in Canada a good investment? Conventional wisdom in Canada is that yes, owning your home is the best investment you can make.  Instead of paying rent to a landlord and having nothing to show for it, you may make mortgage payments, and over time you build up your equity. Here’s something […]

A common cause of bankruptcy in Canada are debts that resulted from a failed business. I meet many Canadians each month who started their own business, and for various reasons it wasn’t successful, and they were left with more debt than they could handle, so they had to file bankruptcy in Canada. During a recession […]

Welcome to Trustees Talk

June 8th, 2009 by A Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Welcome to Trustees Talk, an insider’s perspective on bankruptcy in Canada. There is lots of information on the internet about the technical aspects of bankruptcy in Canada. Trustees Talk will NOT spend a lot of time on technical questions. If you have questions, our main Bankruptcy Canada site has the answers to all of your […]

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