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Personal bankruptcy filings in Canada increased in June, 2010, according to personal bankruptcy statistics released by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. In the month of June 11,900 Canadians filed a bankruptcy or a proposal, up 7% from the 11,123 filings in May, 2010. Over the twelve months ending in June, 145,233 residents of […]

Let the Truth Set You Free

July 12th, 2010 by A Licensed Insolvency Trustee

My name is Barton Goth, and I am a licensed Trustee who practices here in bankruptcy. As I have been born and raised here in Edmonton, I can remember fondly the glory days of Edmonton Oilers and have been watching very closely the misfortunes of good old Peter Pocklington. Now I don’t know if this […]

I am a bankruptcy trustee in Canada, so every week I meet with many people in financial trouble. This past week was an interesting week, because I met with many people who had obviously spent too much time in the sun. Literally. In Ontario, and in many parts of Canada, we have had a run […]

My name is Bruce Gandossi. I’m a chartered accountant and licensed trustee in bankruptcy with Sands & Associates in British Columbia. A few months ago I wrote an article asking the question: Will the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Impact Personal Bankruptcy Rates? Here’s what I said a few months before the Olympics about bankruptcy in Canada: […]

As we have discussed many time on the Bankruptcy Canada Trustee Talk blog, a consumer proposal is a great alternative to filing bankruptcy in Canada. The concept is simple: instead of going bankrupt, you offer to pay a portion of the amount owing to your creditors, and if they accept you avoid bankruptcy. But why […]

Why do Canadians read over a quarter of a million pages on this Bankruptcy Canada website every month? Why are you reading this article? Simple: you want information about filing bankruptcy in Canada. Today, to make your research easier, we present a list of the top bankruptcy resources in Canada. Click on the links, do […]

On March 27, 2010 the world observed Earth Hour. At 8:30 pm local time everyone was encouraged to turn off their lights as a statement against climate change. So what does Earth Hour have to do with bankruptcy in Canada? The answer depends on how you perceive the value of Earth Hour.   Many people […]

In a press release dated February 16, 2010, the government of Canada announced new rules for mortgage funding: The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today announced a number of measured steps to support the long-term stability of Canada’s housing market and continue to encourage home ownership for Canadians. “Canada’s housing market is healthy, stable […]

The media has recently carried stories that that the Consumer Bankruptcy Rate in Canada is Starting to Ease, which sounds like good news. In October, 2009, bankruptcy filings across Canada fell a whopping 27.7 percent in October when compared to the previous month, which is the largest monthly drop on record. This figure softens when […]

There were three interesting stories in the press this week about pensions and bankruptcy in Canada. On Wednesday the CBC ran a story on how the Liberals vow to change bankruptcy laws. Here’s a quote from the story: The Liberal Party says it is committed to changing Canadian bankruptcy laws so former employees of failed […]

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