Surplus Income: Four People in the Household, Only One Has Filed Bankruptcy

Below is an example of how surplus income calculation would look when there are four persons in the household and only one has filed bankruptcy.

Grant and Mary live with their 2 children. Grant earns $900 a week take-home and Mary’s only income is $250 of child tax benefit every month. Grant ran up his credit cards and filed bankruptcy to sort things out.

Grant’s income: 4 x $900
$ 3,600 A
Mary’s income:
250 B
Total household income: =
$ 3,850 C
Less the government threshold
– 3,474
Income over the threshold
Total Surplus income (50%)
$ 188 D
Grant’s portion of income (A/C)
Grant’s surplus income (D x 93%)
$ 174.84


In this example, Grant would be required to pay an additional $174.84 this month to his trustee due to his surplus income obligation.