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Surplus Income: Two People in the Household, Only One Has Filed Bankruptcy

The following is an example of how surplus income calculation would look when there are two persons in the household and only one of them filed for bankruptcy.

Consider this example. Jane and Steven are common-law partners. Jane earns $875 take-home every two weeks and Steven earns $400 take-home a week. Jane has debts from a previous relationship that she can’t handle so she decides to file bankruptcy.

Jane’s surplus income calculation looks like this:

Jane’s income: 2 x $875
$ 1,750 A
Steven’s income: 4 x $400
1,600 B
Total household income: =
$ 3,350 C
Less the government threshold
– 2,328
Income over the threshold
Surplus income rate (50%)
Total Surplus income
$ 511 D
Jane’s portion of income (A/C)
Jane’s surplus income (D x 52%)
$ 265.72


In this example, Jane would be required to pay an additional $265.72 to her trustee this month due to the surplus income requirement.