Sunnylea, Toronto, ON

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on January 31st, 2022 01:36 am

Sunnylea, Toronto is a great place to live if you’re looking for peace and serenity. It is located just 5.9 miles from the city center with an average population size of approximately 6116 people, making it even more enjoyable and peaceful than most other places in Ontario and the surrounding areas.

Sunnylea is one of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods. It has an excellent selection of amenities for you to choose from, and it’s easy access to public transportation makes getting around even easier. Sunnylea, Toronto, Ontario area is a great place to live with its high rankings and excellent livability scores. It ranks 14th out of all the neighbourhoods in this city and ranked 838th in the whole of Ontario as whole. When compared against other towns around it, Sunnyleas estate has 97% better statistics making it an even greater choice.

In Sunnylea, Toronto, the cost of living is 19% higher than the average for cities around Canada and 33% more expensive than national figures. Additionally, housing prices there are 89% above what’s been recorded across all areas measured by Statistics Canada as well.

Sunnylea, Toronto is a great place to live in if you’re looking for safety and low crime rates. The 72% lower than average is not much more so when compared with other parts at large; this area remains very manageable indeed. Violent crimes are 71% lower than the national average, hence speaking of how safe the area is. Sunnylea is a safe haven for the people living there. With only 1 in 86 chances of becoming victims, it makes sense that crime rates would be very low.

The people of Sunnylea are doing well. The median household income in this marvelous town is 137% higher than the national average, and unemployment rates here also happen to be 32 percent lower. The data suggests that in Sunnylea, 2.3% of people earn $20,000 or less annually. In addition, 7.4% of people make between $80,000 and $100,000 per year while  21.5% of the residents pocket $300,000 or more per annum.

The incredible school system in Sunnylea has posted some impressive statistics. Not only are their test scores 33% higher than the national average, but there are more amazing statistics to show how high the level of education is in this area. In Sunnylea, 93.3% of residents have completed high school, and 60.1% possess at least a bachelor’s degree. However, the data also shows that 7% of people in Sunnylea don’t have any certificate, diploma, or degree. The residents have two excellent public schools, among many others to choose from. 

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