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Does the student loan default legislation distinguish between part-time studies and full-time studies? How about graduation date, or whether I have graduated? Posted from: Ontario


May 17th, 2009 by Questions

I am 55 years old, passed more than 7 years i left the university and still I am unemployed without any source of income except the small salary of my wife which in the minimum wage and not enough to make any repayment of the student dettes non for me niether for her. What to […]

I have OSAP and RBC student line of credit. The RBC LoC does not list as a `student` LoC on my statement. Is the RBC debt considered a `student loan` under bankruptcy? Thanks Posted from: Ontario

I graduated from University in May, 2006; and my last student loan/full-time student study period was the 2005-2006 school year. Now due to the economic downturn and losing my employment; I hope to return to school for a few classes as a full-time student from May to December 2009; and this period would be self-funded […]

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