My house and wife`s bankruptcy

I have a house in my name (since 10 years ago) and still i am paying its mortgage. My wife can`t handle her student loan (it is a 10-year-old OSAP loan and I have not co-signed it) and is going bankrupt. Will this affect my house or my accounts in anyway? And actually is there any law in Canada to force a husband/wife to pay for his partner`s financial complications, when he has not cosigned his/her partner`s loans or mortgages? I mean does just having a relationship mean a responsibility?


One Response to “My house and wife`s bankruptcy”

A licensed trustee said...

If the house is solely in your name and assuming you and your spouse are not separating, then her filing for bankruptcy should not have a direct impact on your house.

There is no law in Canada that requires you to cover your spouses’ debts.