Bankruptcy Canada
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I found the website very useful

I was able to make informed choices after receiving detailed information from the website. I found the website very useful and easy to navigate. Phone numbers and links current. Thank you.
- Jessica C

Very understanding and professional

They work with you and respect your true financial situations. Hopefully I will never have to consider the only option I had ever again with their help
- jenifer k

Gave me some good advice

The gentleman that helped me was knowledgeable and answered all my questions and gave me some good advice. I needed some questions answered about bankruptcy as a senior with limited income & credit card debt.
- Janet S

I needed help making up my mind

I received some very good advice on how to proceed which help me quite a bit. Thank You!
- Gilles G

I didn't feel judged

I didn't feel judged, or belittled, and was part of the process in taking steps to improve my situation. I felt so much better after it was all done and am actually in a better position financially, now.
- Eleanor C

So far all is going great

So far all is going great and I expect that at the end of my 9 months it will be the same. My trustee is fantastic! he has answered my questions and put me at ease while I am in bankruptcy.
- Debbie D

I was very fearful of the procedure

I am a senior and I was very fearful of the procedure, as I have never had to do this before . I found the whole thing quite simple really and well handled by my trustee.
- Connie G

Easy to deal with

Very easy to deal with answered all questions and told if I have any questions to call anytime I needed to.
- Sarah J

Very pleased and grateful through this sad time.

Options were offered and excellent service and knowledge provided.Step by step process info and very professional. Made everything seem easy with out any problems and taking step by step with explanations. Very pleased and grateful through this sad time.
- Robert S

Curtious, and understanding.

Made this process as smooth as possible. I would happily give a five out of five.
- patty l

It's great to know there's help available.

Been such a great experience and relief that I can finally conquer my debts with the help of a trustee and the government. Thank you for being so clear, concise, helpful, and professional.
- Michelle M

Retired at 67 years old,

I lost a lifetime of savings and more.. when my children had to close their business due to a marital breakdown. I felt incredibly guilty and very, very stupid - never saw it coming until it was too late. The people I worked with were not only professional and informative, they gave me a second chance. I was able to forgive my daughter and once again enjoy the company of my youngest grandchildren.
- Maryanne W

pain free and exceptional

All aspects of the process were pain free and exceptional except for having to go to Ottawa to sign the papers and have the trustee there, some people would find this hard to accomplish if they have no access to a vehicle or a way to drive 1.5 hours. Everything else was terrific, Donna was very professional and any questions were answered promptly and the process was explained well.
- laurie c

things are looking up

Went through all my finances Made the decision as to best handle my situation Met with financial advisor a couple of times for very helpful counseling My questions to date have all been answered Only half way through the program, but things are looking up
- susan b

All my questions were answered

My bankruptcy trustee employees help me from the day one to understand what the bankruptcy is, how to go through the process and what to do to better manage my finances. All my questions were answered in professional manner and they were always there for me when I needed more help to better understand what is going on.
- Jasmin S

They made me feel that I didn't do anything wrong

They made me feel that I didn't do anything wrong and they were very through with explaining the whole process
- alain t

I felt very much taken care of

I would have liked a little more reminders but that's just me. Otherwise I felt very much taken care of.
- Jessica N

I was nervous

I was nervous going in but I was put at ease rather quickly. The people I have spoken with are very understanding and helpful.
- veronica c

Never had a problem

if I needed to know something they were quick to respond treated me like I was a person not a number
- john h

The service was very professional.

I was in need of financial guidance and support .The fact that I was willing to put in the effort and go through the steps , learn and adopt the lessons in day to day life helped. I appreciate the opportunity for a second chance, and will use it wisely.
- Rajkunaal D