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Refiling bankruptcy

If I have filed for Bankruptcy and it hasn’t been finalized yet and due to my lost job I may need to file again, which is better – to file before the original has been completed ( due to payments and final confirmations, it has been 2 and half years now ) or do I file before this is ended ? I know a second time is two years / three years but will this still be in effect if I refile before my original filing has been closed, nine months / 21 months

One Response to “Refiling bankruptcy”

Desmond West-Chow, CIRP, Trustee said...

Because you haven’t received the discharge on your first bankruptcy, you are considered an undischarged bankrupt. As an undischarged bankrupt, you cannot file another bankruptcy and must obtain discharge for the first bankruptcy before you are eligible to file a second (or subsequent) bankruptcy. So in your situation, you really have no option but to finish the first bankruptcy by completing your duties and then you may consider filing for a second bankruptcy.