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I went bankrupt in 1999 but was never discharged Trustee fees not paid in full, I now am in financial difficulty from having my own business and looking to go bankrupt for the 2nd time. How does this work? I have never been discharged from the 1st one.

Posted from: British Columbia

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A licensed trustee said...

Unfortunately, you may not file a second bankruptcy until your first has been completed. You need to contact the trustee that was handling your first bankruptcy, find out what you are required to do in order to be discharged and then apply to the Court to actually be discharged. If you simply apply to the Court your hearing will be adjournned until you do whatever it is your first trustee tells you still has to be done.

Once the Court discharges you from your first bankruptcy, you may file bankruptcy for a second time.

Don’t be surprised if whatever trustee you deal with for this second bankruptcy asks for a substantial deposit before they will agree to accept your file…