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How is household size determined?

Good afternoon. With regards to the calculation of surplus income based on household size, how exactly is the household size determined by the trustee?

I have my parents living with me but because they did not work in Canada at all and have not reached 65, their only source of income comes from my wife and I.

Can I actually include them when determining my household size since that will bring surplus income down about $1,000 each month.

I doubt the trustee will double count the income we provided both of them. And really, technically, that is not income because it isn’t even earned.

Thank you.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “How is household size determined?”

A licensed trustee said...

Your household is considerd to be all the people lving together and benefiting from shared expenses. So, if your parents live with you they should be considered part of your household. If thery had any income it would be added to yours to determine the household total. Since they don’t have any icnome there won’t be anything to add…