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I’m in debt to the Bank because of an overdrawn bank account. Cheques where returned leaving me with a debt of almost $100,000. I went to the police and explained the details. The bank just
sent me a letter saying I have to pay the money back or they will do everything possible to get it. In this situation I am a victim fraud, is this a debt that will go away if I file for bankruptcy?

Posted from: Ontario

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A licensed trustee said...

You need to speak to a lawyer – and quickly. The only way you’ll be able to convince the bank you were a victim of fraud will be to try an pursue the people that defrauded you.

If you file for bankruptcy the debt may be dealt with, BUT the bank has the right to put the whole matter before a judge and the judge might make you repay some (even all) of the debt.

Talk to a lawyer so you may have a better understanding of what can happen.