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How to Change a Trustee

Is it possible to change the trustees after i received opposition from trustee .

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “How to Change a Trustee”

A licensed trustee said...

There are no provisions in the law for a bankrupt individual to change trustees. The creditors have a mechanism to do it, but individuals don’t.

At your discharge hearing, you will be given the opportunity to explain to the Court why you feel your trustee should not have opposed your discharge. If you feel you’ve been somehow misinformed/misled by your trustee then you should consider contacting the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy to lodge a complaint.

A small word of warning, if your “complaint” is that your trustee is making you pay surplus income or some other amount that the law says you have to pay then complaining about it won’t get you very far. Legitimate concersn should be voiced – sour grapes about how much your bankruptcy has cost may backfire.