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407 Bill

I`m considering bankruptcy and I`d like to
know if my 407 ETR bills would be forgiven if I declare bankruptcy. Thank you.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “407 Bill”

A licensed trustee said...

From a legal persepctive I beleive that it is, BUT from a practical perspective, it will NOT be.

The issue is that no one has properly tested the matter before the Courts and so the 407ETR has made their own decision regarding their fees.

Until/unless someone challenges the 407ETR in the Courts after they ahve filed bankruptcy, the 407 ETR will continue to do what they have been doing…

Before you ask, this is not something a trustee can (or even should do) – this something you need to hire a lawyer to argue (and of course anyone that has filed for bankruptcy can’t afford to hire a lawyer!).