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Suspended discharge conditions

I was in court for a discharge hearing (2nd bankruptcy) in December 2008. On June 19, 2009 I finally received a copy of the court order: `discharge suspended six (6) months CONCURRENT with the condition that the bankrupt makes payment of $11,630 to the Trustee`. The covering letter from the Trustee`s office states that I must make arrangements to pay the balance owing by July 18th, 2009. I have been making payments of $500 every month throughout this process–the best I can do since I am off work on long-term disability leave. Since I received no objection (no response at all, in fact) from my trustee`s office about these payments, it seemed they had accepted this as tacit `arrangements` for payment of the surplus balance.

Does this letter mean that the entire surplus balance must be paid by July 18th? Must a surplus balance must be paid in full by the end of a court-ordered suspension period? The letter also warns that if I do not comply, the trustee`s office will apply for `their discharge` and if that is obtained `before me`, my creditors will once again be allowed to pursue me for the original debts owed to them.

The Trustee who handled my case is no longer working and I have had difficulty communicating with the contact person at his firm from the start. If they are demanding payment of the $8,630 balance in less than a month, there is no way I can comply! Help!

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Suspended discharge conditions”

A licensed trustee said...

Respectfully, you are asking the wrong person – only your trustee (or whomever is handling the file) can tell you that answer.

I suspect they’d like you to come in and sign a payment form, indicating that you intend to repay the Order at the rate of $500 for another 17 months, but that is only my guess.

Sorry, but you need to go and speak to the firm handling your file.