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Profit Sharing Employer & 9 Months Period

Just have a question regarding a quarterly profit share my company gives if there is a profit and how does it affect my monthly surplus. I had read if you make over a certain amount over the 9 month period your bankruptcy can be extended to 24 months even for a first time bankrupt person. Or would I just pay more at the end of the month if I received it in to the trustee as it isn`t monthly I would receive it if any it`s 4 times a year if we get it and we are talking maybe an extra take home $1000 that month.

Thanks in advance.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Profit Sharing Employer & 9 Months Period”

A licensed trustee said...

Under the current law, whether or not your bankruptcy will be extended beyond 9 months due to higher income is up to your trustee. If Bill C-12 is every fully enacted the extension will become automatic.

In our practice, we consider extending a persons bankruptcy beyond 9 months if/when they’ve been required to pay $2,500 or more in surplus income payments. This is not a rule, simply a guideline we use so we can infomr clients BEFORE they file when their bankruptcy may be extended. That way everyone knows at the outset what the rules will be…