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I am a single mother with 3 y.o twins. I am on Welfare. My student loan debt is $20,000 (I graduated in 2008). I also owe $2,500 to Revenue Canada and about $20,000 to Welfare Office which I obtained, they claim, by false misrepresentation. There is no way I can pay $45,000 with interest out of my Child care and welfare benefits. Can I file consumer proposal or receive a bankruptcy discharge, in light of s. 178(1)(e) of the BIA (dealing with liabilities incurred through misrepresentation)?

Posted from: Quebec

One Response to “Mrs”

A licensed trustee said...

I think you should speak directly to a trustee before you do anything further. Based on the information you have provided, it is unlikely a consumer proposal will provide yo with any relief – very few proposals are ever accepted by person on social assistance.

In regards to a bankruptcy filing, there will be problems with your student loans and the overpayment of social benefits – you really need to speak to a local trustee to find out how they are handled in your area.