Changed my Mind After I Chose to Go the Bankruptcy route

I signed off on going the Bankruptcy Route, however I did some research and rethought my decision and would like to not file for Bankruptcy. Can I do this now as I have signed off, and I am not sure if my Trustee has let my creditors know as it has only been 2 days ago.
Thank you

Posted from: British Columbia

One Response to “Changed my Mind After I Chose to Go the Bankruptcy route”

A licensed trustee said...

If your trustee hasn’t forwarded your paperwork then it may be a simple matter of tearing it up. I should warn you that most trustees now file their paperwork electronicly and therefore it is likely too late for this simple solution.

If the paperwork has been filed then you may either file a consumer proposal which, when accepted, will cause your bankruptcy to be annulled.

Alternatively, you may apply to the Court and demonstrate that in fact you were not eligible to file for bankruptcy in which case your bankruptcy will be annulled.

If you have simply changed your mind and decided you don’t want to file you are probably out of luck – you can’t be a little bit pregnant, or a little bit bankrupt…