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Secondary Card Holder

I was a seconday card holder on my mothers credit card account. I have not used the card for many years. She was recently discharged from bankruptcy. The creditor is trying to come after me now to pay the amount that she was dischargef from. So they want to be liable for her debt even though I have not used the account for several years.

Do they have the right to come after me?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Secondary Card Holder”

A licensed trustee said...

If you ever used the card or signed the original credit application then you became a co-borrower on the debt. The credit card company has the right to try and collect the entire debt from you…

If you do not beleive the credit card company can prove you ever used the card or signed the application you may ask them to stop harassing you and to instead take the matter to Court. If the credit compnay can’t prove you ever signed the card then the Court may dismiss the debt – sorry, that’s likely the only way out other than paying them (or filing bankruptcy or a proposal yourself).