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How long does it take to get discharge order from office of Superintendent?

I had a conditional discharge order which I paid fully at the end of last February.
My trustee forwarded my docs to office of superintendent beginning of March.
As of now, I have not heard anything from the office of superintendent. I already contacted my trustee but they said they haven’t heard anything from office either.

How long this process usually takes? Shall I call them and check it out?

Thanks in advance.


Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Wait Time”

A licensed trustee said...

The Superintendent of Bankruptcy does not have anything directly to do with Orders of Discharge. I think you need to call your trustee and ask them to explain the process to you as somewhere there has been a miscommunication.

If you have concerns that your bankruptcy is not being handled properly then it would be appropriate to contact the Superintendent for assistance, but they don’t issue discharge orders – that is done by the Courts (and can take forever depending on which Court you are dealing with…)