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Leaving Canada for Holidays after filing the Bankruptcy

Can I leave Canada for vacation after i filed bankruptcy, if friend buys me a ticket for 1 week in USA or Mexico? Or I have to stay in Canada for the certain period of time after filing the bankruptcy?

One Response to “Leaving Canada for Holidays after filing the Bankruptcy”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

While there is nothing that explicitly will prevent you from leaving Canada while in bankruptcy there may be 3 issues that come up.

The first is one of your obligations under S. 158 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act is to generally make your self available to the trustee, provide any assistance necessary and attend any required meeting. So as long as this trip doesn’t interfere with these duties you should be all right.

The second issue is how you are going to sustain yourself over there, you will not have any credit cards and as a result it may be difficult.

The third item relates to appearance. It doesn’t look good to creditors if you are vacationing during your bankruptcy. As a result they may be concerned, so you should be prepared to demonstrate that the ticket didn’t come from your monies and was indeed purchased by a friend. Not that this will fix the perception, but at least it can counter some of the arguments your creditors may make.

Overall this is not specifically prevented, but as you can tell I would not strongly recomend. However, you are best to consult with a local trustee, discuss this with them and they will be able to comment more specifically about procedures and practices in your area.