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credit card cash advances

I am a grandmother, living with my daughter and her 2 children. I have been taking cash advances on my credit cards to pay rent, food etc….I do not make a lot of money, hardly any to get by. If I am able to claim bankuptcy, are those cash advances part of it?

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A licensed trustee said...

Here’s the problem – if you are already thinking about filing for bankruptcy then you should not take any further cash advances on your credit cards. It’s not right. (It’s potentially fraudulent).

If the ony way the family can survive is by taking cash advances then the problem is more basic – you need to find a way to live on less (reduce your expenses) or increase your income (a job?). If you don’t fix this problem then filing for bankruptcy won’t help – the debt will be gone, but so will the credit cards that allowed you to live.

I think you should contact a trustee in your area or a not-for-profit credit counselor. You need to deal with the budgeting issues before you deal with the debt.