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due to illness have no income except pensions, and temporary WCB. Aged 72. No assets, property, except car, value about 2000. Credit card debt is about 40,000. Can`t afford even minimum payments on CC`s. Is bankrupcy the way to go.

One Response to “bankruptcy”

A licensed trustee said...

Unfortunately, I can’t simply tel you whether or not you should file for bankruptcy. Given the facts as you have set them out, it is certainly an option, but there are a couple of others you may want to consider.

I suggest you contact a trustee in your area and make arrangments to go and speak to them. Ask them about being “creditor proof” – it may be that the trustee will advise you to do nothing at all, or after speaking to them, you may decide to file for bankruptcy after all.

Good luck sorting this out.