Power of attorney -claiming bankruptsy

my mother has a loan based on her income (old age and supplemental for the provice of Ontario. She has lived with us for 13 yrs and has no expences. Shortly she will be going to a long term care facility. The facility will charge her based on her income which the governmnet will contribute to if we put her in a ward type environment. Can I file on her behalf to remove the existing debt from the bank (remaining balance 5504.11 , payments monthly 330.17 , total monthly income 1371.48)

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

As long as you have power of attorney then legally you can file an assignment into bankruptcy in her name. The only real difference is that you will have to provide the trustee with a copy of the power of attorney.

You may also want to discuss with the trustee the possibility of obtaining permission from the superintendent of bankruptcy to waive the required counselling sessions due to your mothers circumstances.